To all members of the Flower Association of Qld Inc (FAQi), also known as Flowers Australia.

Flowers Australia has a long history of providing valuable services and initiatives for our members. These opportunities have been made possible thanks to the successful management of a range of state and federal government funded projects, specifically aimed to benefit our members and the wider industry. This approach has formed the cornerstone of Flower Australia’s existence enabling it to develop a range of incredible industry tools, create the voice for our industry through the Flowers Magazine and build an online knowledge base of invaluable educational resources.

In recent years, the criteria at both a state and federal level for government funded initiatives has significantly changed, inhibiting opportunities for Flowers Australia to successfully apply for industry project funding. This has had a detrimental impact on our ability to remain viable and employ the required expertise we need to function as an incorporated association.

The Executive Committee, made up of a broad range of industry volunteers from across Australia, continued to work tirelessly over recent years looking for alternate approaches to keep Flowers Australia operating and thriving. This included seeking partnerships with other associations, industry sponsorships, events management and the broadening of our membership base. To be frank, it has been a huge effort to keep it alive in a particularly challenging industry environment. Despite it being a difficult and sad decision, the Executive Committee has had to carry out their duties to responsibly and formally Wind Up the association voluntarily, whilst that was still possible.

Flowers Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continuous support, past and present committee members who voluntarily devoted their valuable time and experience to improve and grow our industry and staff of the association, specifically in recent years. A special acknowledgment to Shane Holborn and Janelle Dahler whose dedication to our industry has been immeasurable, thank you.

Flowers Australia has therefore closed all member services and terminated all future initiatives to enable the finalisation of its constitutional duties. We have compiled a summary of Q & A’s (see below) to offer more detail to our members.


With the closure of Flowers Australia, finding a way to continue the legacy of the popular Flowers Magazine was one of the highest priorities. The Flowers Magazine is well regarded as the ‘voice of our industry’ and is widely distributed throughout Australia. It was produced entirely within the team at Flowers Australia, lead recently by Janelle Dahler and funded through a combination of Flowers Australia subsidies, the Flowers Magazine subscribers and industry advertising within the Magazine.

We are pleased to announce that we have finalised an agreement with independent publisher, An Eye for Ink to take over ownership of the Magazine’s assets and intellectual property with the view of continuing the Flowers Magazine as a stand-alone publication for our industry. An Eye for Ink will be working hard to transition the Flowers Magazine into a viable and importantly, valuable stand-alone publication, so your immediate support and loyalty is crucial.

Existing paying subscribers to the magazine will continue to receive the remaining publications for 2019 and a more detailed update directly from An Eye for Ink in the coming days. We look forward to hearing their exciting plans for the magazine. The Flowers magazine has created an opportunity for the ongoing expression and celebration of our vibrant Australian industry and hopefully, with your support, it will remain a voice for all.

Q & A’s

What other flower industry associations exist can I join?

I am a Flower Association member. What happens to my membership fees?

  • The association has a legal, constitutional requirement to distribute any remaining funds to like-minded associations (such as those listed above) to be used to support the ongoing development of industry.

I am a subscriber to the Flowers Magazine. Will I continue to receive the ‘Flowers’ industry Magazine?

  • The new independent publishers of the Magazine will be in contact with existing paying subscribers in the coming days.